PAT The Album Deluxe Edition (Vinyl format)

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Pat Burgener Unveils Exciting Surprise Collaboration with Acclaimed Australian Artist Kim Churchill in Deluxe Album

These Dreams featuring Kim Churchill – ISRC CHE482300028

Pat Burgener has announced an extraordinary addition to the upcoming deluxe version of his debut album “PAT The Album’.

Fans can expect a remarkable single featuring the award-winning and beloved Australian songbird, Kim Churchill.

Having admired Kim as one of his favorite artists since his young age, Pat’s musical journey has been profoundly influenced by the renowned musician.

Also, Kim’s song “Backwards Head” played a pivotal role in Pat’s 5th place run at the 2018 Olympics as he was streaming it on his headphones during his winning run. As Pat tends to reminds it: “I was dropping when the music dropped!”

In gratitude for Kim’s contribution to his Olympic experience, Pat reached out to him through Instagram and proposed to meet during his trip to London. This fortuitous encounter blossomed into a profound friendship, culminating in their first-ever collaboration, the captivating single “These Dreams”.

Adding to the excitement, “These Dreams” has been skillfully produced by Pat’s brother, Max, known professionally as Oddbox. Max, the rising producer based in London (UK), has infused the track with his unique artistic touch, elevating it to new heights.

PAT The Album (Deluxe Edition)

Pat’s deluxe album, featuring the highly-anticipated single with Kim Churchill, also includes an acoustic version of Fallin’ In Love. PAT The Album (Deluxe Edition) is also available in CD version.

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